I have spent over a decade working with young people in high schools and universities. My long-standing interest in the welfare and development of children, youth and young adults continues to reinforce my passion for education and research; after all, one cannot truly be a good teacher if one is not an active and effective learner.

Having my feet firmly planted inside the ivory tower and the high school classroom has provided with a unique perspective on both worlds. The last seven years demonstrated to me the value of straddling the divide. It has allowed me to better engage my students in the process of doing history and other subjects. Those who take my classes do not simply learn about something; they are invited to become co-creators in whatever discipline we happen to be studying - collapsing the artificial divide between skills and content. It also means a more personal classroom experience that values interaction and creation over transmission.

Here you will find a brief CV, samples of my work as well as my blog. If you have any questions feel free to send me an email at info@bradenhutchinson.ca. 

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