I have spent over a decade working with young people in high schools and universities. My long-standing interest in the welfare and development of children, youth and young adults continues to reinforce my passion for education and research; after all, one cannot truly be a good teacher if one is not an active and effective learner.

Having my feet firmly planted inside the ivory tower and the high school classroom has provided with a unique perspective on both worlds. The last seven years demonstrated to me the value of straddling the divide. It has allowed me to better engage my students in the process of doing history and other subjects. Those who take my classes do not simply learn about something; they are invited to become co-creators in whatever discipline we happen to be studying – collapsing the artificial divide between skills and content. It also means a more personal classroom experience that values interaction and creation over transmission.

Here you will find a brief CV, and my blog. If you have any questions feel free to send me an email at info@bradenhutchinson.ca.


2008-2013: Doctor of Philosophy in History @ Queen’s University
2006-2008: Master of Arts in History @ Carleton University
2006-2006: Certificate in French Language and Culture @ University of Quebec at Chicoutimi
2005-2006: Bachelor of Education in English and History @ University of Ottawa
2001-2005: Bachelor of Arts Highest Honours in History @ Carleton University


2006-Present: Secondary Teacher @ Ottawa-Carleton District School Board
2013-2014: Digital Collections Manager @ Carleton University Archives and Research Collections
2010-2013: Course Instructor @ Queen’s University
2008-2010: Teaching Assistant @ Queen’s University
2006-2008: Teaching Assistant @ Carleton University
2004-2005: Vice President @ Rideau River Residence Association
2003-2004: Residence Fellow @ Carleton University
2001-2003: Summer Employment Officer @ Human Resources and Skills Development Canada


2012-2013: Government of Ontario Graduate Scholarship
2012-2013: OSSTF Brick Robb Memorial Scholarship for Educational Research
2009-2012: Social Science and Humanities Research Council Joseph Arnaud Bombardier Doctoral Fellowship
2008-2009: Queen’s University Graduate Award
2008-2009: Queen’s University Graduate History Award
2007-2008: Carleton University Agnes M. Ireland Award
2007-2008: Carleton University Helen and Joe Connolly Award
2006-2007: Carleton University Graduate Scholarship
2006-2007: Carleton University Graduate Entrance Scholarship
2004-2005: Carleton University Maxwell McOdrum Award
2003-2004: Carleton University Claude Bissell Award
2002-2003: Carleton University Gordon Robertson Award
2001-2002: Carleton University Presidents’ Scholarship


2013: Canadian Historical Association John Bullen Prize (Nominated)
2013: Queen’s University Outstanding Thesis Award (Nominated)
2011: Queen’s University Alumni Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching (Nominated)
2005: City of Ottawa Charlotte Whitton Award for Community Activism
2005: Carleton University Best Team Award (Nominated)
2003: Carleton University Department of Political Science Best Undergraduate Quantitative Paper (Nominated)


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